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500 Seeds
Cool Weather Plant
GerminationTemp.: 10° to 23°C
Gives more than one Harvest
Easy to Grow for Beginners


Quick Growing Multi Harvest Spinach Seeds 

Spinach is a cold weather green leafy vegetable that you can easily grow in both pots and soil beds. Spinach seeds grow into plants with cluster of leaves and their height can go up to about 10 inches.

Spinach plants are annuals, which means they last for one season, spanning only a few months.

Growing Spinach from seeds at home is considerably easy and many people often suggest it to new gardeners as the first plant to grow in their vegetable garden.

Spinach Seeds from Shashi N Gautam Web Shop for Home Garden

We sell premium quality spinach seeds of the hybrid variety for home garden. Though almost all spinach seeds available in the market can grow successfully under ideal conditions, our premium quality Spinach seeds differ from them in the following ways:

  • Better tolerance to water & weather stress.
  • Spinach Seed to harvest in approximately 60 days.
  • Baby leaves can be harvested as soon as 30 days.
  • Higher yield and multi harvest variety.
  • Heat resistant, and can grow in high temperatures up to 35-40°C.
  • Disease resistant.
  • Slow Bolting (delayed flowering).
  • Smooth tender leaves.

Ideal Conditions for growing Spinach Seeds at home

Ideal Temperature range

  • It is a cold weather crop
  • It grows well in temperatures ranging between 10°C to 35°C

Best months to plant spinach seeds in India

North & Central India:

  • October to March are the best months for growing spinach outdoors.
  • From April to September, spinach can be grown by putting up an overhead shade and maintaining continuous soil moisture.
  • Spinach Seeds from our web shop have shown excellent results even in the summer months of North India.

South India:

  • Moderate weather in South India allows year long growing of spinach except in the 1 – 2 months of peak summer.
  • Even in peak summer months, it can grow successfully with overhead shade nets.

Sunlight requirement for spinach?

  • Spinach can thrive in both partial sun and constant sunlight.
  • Minimum sunlight needed for it to grow is 3 to 4 hours.
  • Sunlight requirement for ideal growth is 6 to 8 hours.
  • Spinach can tolerate full days of sun in colder climates if the temperature during the day remains below 30-35°C
  • In summer months, when the temperature is above 35°C, it requires an overhead shade to survive.

How to grow spinach from spinach seeds?

Should We Directly Sow Spinach Seeds or Transplant it?

  • Spinach  Seeds grow best when directly sown in soil.
  • They start flowering early instead of producing any leaves if they are transplanted as saplings.

How to sow the seeds?

We can grow it in both soil beds and garden pots.

In a Soil Bed:

  • If you are growing Spinach  in a soil bed, sow the seeds in a 2 ft. row.
  • Keep a distance of approx. 3-4 inches between each seed hole.
  • Sow 2 seeds per hole and then keep one healthy seedling after germination, carefully cutting the other one at the base of its stem.

In a Grow Bag / Pot:

  • You can grow it in any type of container that has a height of at least 6 inches or above, like cardboard boxes and other household containers.
  • Sow the seeds approx. 2-3 inches apart.
  • Sow 2 seeds per hole and then keep one healthy seedling after germination, carefully cutting the other one at the base of its stem.

Spinach seed germination time:

  • Seeds take up to 5 to 14 days to germinate under ideal soil conditions when the temperature is around 21°C.
  • If the temperature is lower than 8°C or higher than 24°C, then the seeds will take longer to germinate. And if the temperature is too high or too low, the seeds will fail to germinate all together.

Best soil-mix for growing spinach for home:

  • Spinach Seeds will grow well in a light porous soil mixture with good drainage and water holding capacity.
  • It should also have a good amount of nitrogen in it.
    Add up to 1 part compost/vermicompost with 1 part potting soil and mix well.
  • Add Seaweed Extract Fertilizer or any other Organic Fertilizer to improve its soil fertility if needed.
    Check the soil for drainage and water retention.
  • If you are using new soil, you can also add some sand or Perlite to the mix to increase its drainage ability if it’s lacking.
  • If needed, you can make the soil moisture retentive by adding a small quantity (10 to 25%) of vermiculite or cocopeat to it.

How to water spinach plants?

  • Spinach grows well in moist soil.
  • Spinach has both a taproot and horizontal feeder roots for optimal nutrient and moisture uptake
  • Frequent shallow watering allows horizontal feeder roots to take up much needed water for its rapid growth.
  • Water the soil bed or pot only when the topsoil is dry.
  • Don’t over water the plants, as that can lead to root rot.
  • In hot weather, when the temperature is much higher than the ideal temperature for growing spinach, take extra care to keep the soil moist and cool.

How to fertilize spinach?

  • As Spinach Plants grow too quickly (in 60 days), they need a lot of nitrogen to produce big healthy leaves.
  • Prepare the soil-mix with up to 50% compost weeks before you plan to sow the seeds.
  • Then Fertilize with compost/vermicompost or a nitrogen-specific fertilizer like Mustard Cake and Neem Cake Fertilizer, 4 weeks after sowing the seeds.
  • Adding organic fertilizer like Seaweed Extract Fertilizer & Micronutrients Fertilizers in small quantities will boost soil fertility even further.

How to care for spinach plants?

Even though spinach is a low maintenance plant, you still need to give it extra care if you wish to have a healthy harvest.


  • If you live in a part of India where you have extreme summers or extreme winters, mulching helps to keep soil temperature near to the ideal.
  • Mulching can delay bolting / early flowering, allowing you to harvest edible spinach leaves till late in the summer.

Disease and Pest control

Spinach plants can get a host of fungal and viral diseases and can also suffer from pest attacks.

For fungal disease prevention

  • Do not over water or wet the leaves while watering.
  • Maintain spacing between the plants to allow air circulation if you live in a hot and humid climate.

For Viral Disease Prevention and Pest Control

  • Though there is no effective control for viral disease once it gets set in plants, we can take preventive action.
  • Organic Neem Oil Spray can control viral disease causing insects and other harmful pests in spinach plants.

How to harvest spinach?

For Spinach growing in rows on a soil bed:

  • You can let the spinach grow until it reaches its full size and has become dense with big leaves, and then harvest it all in one go.
  • While harvesting, take care to cut the leaves above 1 inch from the base of the plant, to allow regrowth.

For Spinach growing in pots:

  • For densely growing spinach in Garden pots, harvesting is a continuous process.
  • Harvest young tender baby leaves when they are the size of 2 to 3 inches.
  • This will allow smaller leaves to get more sunlight and air, which will then help them grow bigger and they’ll be ready to be harvested in the next few days.

Spinach Seed Price: Rs49/- for a Pack of 500 seeds.

Start your garden of leafy greens now

We know the health benefits of eating spinach but commercially grown spinach usually has a very high residual chemical pesticide content.

To get the spinach nutrients minus the cancer causing pesticides, you can easily start growing organic spinach at home.

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Buy Hybrid Spinach Seeds Online / Palak Seeds at a Low Price from Shashi n Gautam Web Shop.

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  1. Super

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  2. Ohhh my favorite seeds! Very easy to grow and after it grows I really feel happy to see it.

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  3. I ordered cucumber, spinach, muskmelon , tomato n many more seeds n fertilizer from here. Quality is of products and seeds is very good at a very reasonable price with a very prompt delivery. Thanks so much.

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  4. The spinach I am harvesting now a days is great quality. Seed germination rate is excellent.
    Earlier I was just sowing the seeds but for the first time I am getting a harvest. It is very satisfying for a beginner and the pots filled with greenery look awesome too.
    This is due to quality seeds and proper guidance by Mr Gautam helped a lot.
    Thank you so much 😀😀

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  5. Very high quality .Each and every seed germinated

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  6. All most all the seeds were
    germinated. Quality is very good.

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  7. seeds are fertile it gave me very good results.

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  8. Excellent and Quality Products..

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  9. I would highly recommend.
    Amazing product and packing
    And thankyou! For free Okra seeds as gift!
    Gonna buy more from this site in future.

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  10. It’s very easy to grow and taste is also good. Thank you Gautam jee for providing me organic palak.

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  12. Good germination rate.

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  15. Great products
    Next day delivery
    I am impressed

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