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  • .400 Grams Zip Lock Pack.
  • Epsom Salt for plants promotes lush green leaves and vegetation. Good results seen in Leafy Ornamental Plants.
  • Use Epsom Salt for Plants in Garden to Increase the number of flowers per plant and improve their color and size.
  • Good results seen in Flowering Plants. Excellent Fertilizer for Rose plants.
  • Increases vegetable yield per plant. Improves vegetable size and taste. Great results seen in vegetable plants.
  • Excellent Fertilizer for Tomato and Pepper.
  • Improves the absorption of nitrogen and phosphorus in plants.
  • Magnesium in Epsom Salt helps in chlorophyll production, which is then used by the plants to convert nutrients into leaves, flowers, fruits, and vegetables using Sun’s energy.
  • An additional benefit of using Epsom Salt for plant growth is that it discourages some pests like slugs from making your plant bed their home.
  • Cures Magnesium deficiency in plants that causes yellowing of plant leaves.
  • Fully dissolves into the water. You can give it to plants by adding it to irrigation water. Or you can use it for spraying on plants too without clogging the sprayer pump nozzle.
  • Doses: Add it to Water. 1 to 2 tablespoons to 4 liters of water and it for watering the plant. For Foliar spray add 1 Tablespoon to 4 liters of water.


Epsom Salt, the magical plant fertilizer that gardeners have been depending on for ages for growing plants with greener leaves and a higher yield of flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

What is SnG Epsom Salt and how does it work?

SnG Epsom Salt is not an organic fertilizer as many people commonly believe. And although it looks like table salt, its nothing like the stuff we put on our food. it’s called a salt because of its chemical structure. So, it’s highly inadvisable to substitute Epsom Salt with table salt, or your plants will be in serious trouble.
It was found in Epsom, England, hence it was named Epsom Salt.
SnG Epsom Salt contains magnesium and sulfur.
SnG Epsom Salt increases flower formation, makes the plant greener & promotes thicker foliage growth.
SnG Epsom Salt is great for making hydroponic nutrition solutions as it has no impurities and is 100% water-soluble.
Soil should have a good balance of Magnesium and Calcium for the plant to easily absorb them from the soil. That is why Epsom salt is best used with SnG Calcium Nitrate.

How to Use SnG Epsom Salt?

For Soil and Drip Irrigation:
Mix one teaspoon of SnG Epsom Salt in 4 liters of water & spray it directly onto the leaves’ underside.
It can also be used for watering purposes, given directly or added to irrigation systems like drip irrigation.
Give it once or twice a month depending upon the growing stage and condition of the plant.

For Foliar spray:
Add teaspoon in 4 liters of water.
Use once a month.

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  1. Good

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  2. This is the first time I have used epsom salt. Waiting for the results. Hope it does the work like other products purchased from this web shop.

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  3. Packaging and the content is very good

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  4. My tomato plants loved it.

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  5. Excellent and Quality Products..

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  6. Your Epsom salt is pure mag sulphate it,. improved flower blooming and i m using it as additional secondary supplement and not as main nutrients which are referred as NPK .

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  7. wonderful products at a very reasonable price. even their other products like seaweed, neem khali etc are extremely good.

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  8. (0) (0)
  9. quick and good quality results r seen.

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  13. Nice product for yelloish leaves turn into green forever.

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  14. Excellent product mene use kiya or bahut accha result paye he ab tak 3 baar manga kar use kar chuka hoo or ab fir se order kiya he

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Epsom Salt For Plants

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