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Cold Weather Salad Leaves Plant
Germination Temp. 5° to 24°C
Easy to Grow in Pots


Green Lettuce – Type Rapid Grand

Is A Cold Weather Leafy Vegetable.

Use it for Salads, Sandwiches, etc.

How to Grow Green Lettuce at Home?

Ideal temperature for growing: 15°C to 18°C.

Ideal condition for germinating Leafy Green Lettuce:

Ideal soil temperature is between 5 °C to 24°C.

Seed Germination time 4 to 10 days in ideal soil conditions and weather condition.

If temperature are above 24° or lower than 5° then seed will fail to germinate.

Germination Tip: Seeds can be germinated indoor if the temperature is less or more than ideal temperature. Its sapling can be hardened and transplanted outside later on when weather is favorable.

Green Lettuce Crop Duration:

60 to 70 days from seed to harvest in ideal growing condition.

Sunlight required for Green Lettuce

Few hours of morning sun is enough for growing Green Lettuce Rapid Grand.

  • Hot afternoon sunlight can make plant to go into flowering so they should be not be kept in afternoon sun during hot season.

How to grow Green Lettuce Leaf?

Green Lettuce leaf will grow well in a soil which can hold moisture and has a good amount of compost mixed in it.

Mix up to 50% Compost in the soil mix for giving needed Nitrogen for good growth of Green Lettuce Rapid Grand leaves.

Sand / Perlite and Vermiculite / Cocopeat can be added to the soil to improve its drainage and moisture holding capacity

To Direct Sow or Transplant it?

Green Lettuce Rapid Grand can be directly sown in soil bed and garden pots or its seedling can be raised for transplanting later on in favorable weather.

How to plant Green Lettuce?

Sow the seeds at ¼ inch dept.

Dense Planting:

  • Dense planting can be used if you want to harvest baby leaves.
  • Plant seeds in holes one inch apart. Put two seeds per hole and retain one healthy seedling per hole.

For Full green Leaves

  • If you want to harvest fully grown leaves keep the seed holes 5- 6 inches apart.

In Soil Bed

  • If you are growing it in soil bed, sow seeds in 1 feet row.
  • The distance between seed holes should be 6 inches.
  • Sow two seed per hole and retain one healthy sapling out of two after the germination.

In Garden Pot

  • Sow one seed per 6 to 8-inch pot.
  • Sow 2 seeds per hole and keep one healthy sapling out of two after germination.

How to Fertilize the Lettuce Green?

It needs nitrogen to grow healthy leaves. Mix up to 50% compost in the soil mix and second dose of compost after 3- 4 week of planting.

How to water the Lettuce Green?

  • It needs constant moisture. Follow a regular watering schedule to keep the soil moistened.
  • In hot weather when temperature is more than ideal temperature, mulch the soil bed / pot to keep the soil temperature under ideal temperature.

How to Harvest leafy Green Lettuce Rapid Grand?

You can harvest outer leaves leaving the baby leaves which can be harvested later on as they grow big.

For densely planted Green Lettuce Rapid Grand

  • For densely planted Lettuce, harvest the outer leaves as they grow to the size of 1 to 3 inches.
  • Harvesting of baby leaves should be done every few days else plant will wilt in need of sunlight, air and nutrients.

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Green Lettuce Seeds