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Inorganic / Chemical fertilizers which are also called Synthetic fertilizers can be used as a single source for your plants or you can use it to give the required boost to plant facing nutrients deficiency by giving them instant NPK and Micronutrients. Inorganic Fertilizers are meant to be used in the right doses so read the doses given on the packet. Please contact us in case of any doubt regarding use of these chemical fertilizers. Whether used singly or with organic fertilizers as a booster fertilizer, Shashi n Gautam Inorganic fertilizers gives more flowers, fruits, and vegetables per plant.


400 grams. Free Delivery* Water Soluble For Drip Irrigation & Foliar Spray


Complete Kit of Hydroponic Nutrients Easy to Make in Few Steps It Contains NPK with Chelated Micronutrients + Calcium Nitrate + Magnesium Sulphate

125.00 99.00

200 Grams. Free Delivery* Contains Calcium & Nitrogen 100% Water Soluble Use as Liquid Fertilizer For use in Foliar Spray Hydroponic & Drip Irrigation


200 Grams. Free Delivery* Water Soluble Chemical Fertilizer For Drip Irrigation & Foliar Spray For Hydroponic Nutrients Solution

120.00 110.00

50 ml Suitable for Organic growing Improved Flowering Improved Fruiting Free Measuring Spoon


200 Grams. Free Delivery* Chemical Fertilizer Contains Phosphorus & Potassium For Drip Irrigation & Hydroponic For Foliar Spray on Plants For Fruiting Flowering Plants