Powdery Mildew Control

Powdery Mildew Control with Home Remedies

Powdery Mildew is a plant fungal disease that never fails to shock home gardeners. It shows up as a sudden emergence of white powdery spots on plant’s leaves, stems, and fruits that were otherwise healthy a day before.

It starts off as white spots appearing on the underside of the leaves, quickly spreading to the surface on top in a matter of a few hours. As the disease advances, the spots get bigger until every inch of the plant is covered in a white, powdery substance.
I will be sharing four cheap organic remedies that only use things available in our homes and in the end, one remedy that is 100% free, to kill powdery mildew in plants.

5 Organic Ways You Can Get Rid Of leaf Miners

5 Organic Ways to Get Rid Of Leaf Miners - Shashi N Gautam

As the winter ends and the rising temperatures signal the start of spring, we all must be seeing new growth in our gardens. New branches growing out of plants that have been dormant all through the winter, flowers blossoming and converting into fruits and vegetables, it’s definitely a sight that gives all of us immense joy.

But warm weather also brings with it a barrage of harmful insects that have finally woken up from their deep winter slumber. They infest our gardens and feast on our beloved plants to procreate and multiply in numbers.

This onslaught of insects on our plants causes a variety of problems. Suddenly, we start seeing leaves that have been chewed up, or curling, or malformed. You might even see strange mine-like lines on the surface of some leaves because of insects feeding on them.

Today, we will focus on the problem of leaf miners in our garden and how we can control them organically.

Tips for growing vegetables from seeds at home

We wish our vegetable seeds were magical…
Then, one would just need to sow them in a pot and it will automatically grow into a plant laden with flowers, fruit and vegetables.
But unfortunately, they are not magical.
And, even though we always go the extra mile to stock the best vegetable seeds available in the market, they still require