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Liquid fertilizer for foliar Spray on plant and for Drip Irrigation. Liquid Fertilizer is used for a foliar spray on the plants leaves to boost the nutrients in plants for healthy growth or revive a plant in stress. Liquid fertilizer is also sprayed on the plant to induce and increase flower, fruit and vegetable production.
Liquid fertilizers can also be used in hydroponic and drip irrigation to provide the plant’s nutrients in the form of NPK and micronutrients.

130.00 110.00

100 ml. Free Delivery* Add 1ml to 1 Liter Water For Spraying Increases Flowering & Flower to Fruit Conversion Free Measuring Spoon


400 grams. Free Delivery* Water Soluble For Drip Irrigation & Foliar Spray


200 Grams. Free Delivery* Water Soluble Chemical Fertilizer For Drip Irrigation & Foliar Spray For Hydroponic Nutrients Solution

120.00 110.00

50 ml Suitable for Organic growing Improved Flowering Improved Fruiting Free Measuring Spoon


200 Grams. Free Delivery* Chemical Fertilizer Contains Phosphorus & Potassium For Drip Irrigation & Hydroponic For Foliar Spray on Plants For Fruiting Flowering Plants