Melon Fly Pheromone Trap

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Vegetable / Melon Fly Trap
Vegetable / Melon Fly Lure
Strong Plastic Trap / Reusable
Save Vegetables from Rotting


Melon Fly Pheromone Trap for Vegetable

Tired of your vegetables not growing and then rotting, eventually?

The culprit is Melon Fly or vegetable fly it is called commonly.

The answer to your problem is Melon Fly Pheromone Trap

Melon Fly trapped in Melon Fly Trap
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How Melon Fly Pheromone Trap Works?

As weather warms up after winter, The dormant Vegetable or Melon fly become active and lay eggs in host of vegetable plants.

This eggs hatch inside vegetable and the larvae starts eating the pulp.

This activity results in stopping of the growth of the plant and eventually vegetable get rotted.

Melon Fly trap is pheromone based trap which remain effective for 45 days.

The smell of pheromone attracts the Melon fly / Vegetable fly and they enter the trap from small opening in the trap.

Once inside they cannot escape and die.

Melon Fly Control 

How to use Melon Fly Pheromone?

In the box, you will get

  • a plastic trap
  • a lure
  • wire to hang lure in the trap

Open the lure pack and tie it with wire

Hang the lure in the trap by passing the wire to the lid.

Hang the trap near plants by using wire that you have passed through the lid.

Wait for few days and you will see Lot of dead Melon Fly in the trap.

Watch the video at the bottom to learn how to install melon fly trap.

Video Demonstration Of Fruit Fly Trap, Melon Fly Trap, Yellow & Blue Sticky Trap

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  1. Very happy with melon fly trap have seen flies getting trapped which saved my melon from any decease have order refills for the whole year

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  2. Box quality is good but lure is not so effective.

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  3. Product is as advertised. And it’s a good product

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  4. product is very good but need pheromone

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Buy Melon Fly Pheromone Trap to save vegetables from rotting in a organic way.
Melon Fly Pheromone Trap

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