4 Fertilizer Organic Combo To Make Your Gardening Better Get Bumper Harvest

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  • Introducing Shashi N Gautam Fertilizer Organic Combo Pack for growing plants easily at home.
  • Growing plants in a backyard garden can be very difficult. Especially when our busy schedules mean that we have less time to care for our plants. Most of us also live in compact city flats, where the limited gardening space and lack of sunshine makes this problem even worse.
  • Almost all of Indian cities now experience long, hot summers because of changing climate patterns. Longer, harsher summers mean a shorter growing season for most fruit and veggie plants.
  • Living in compact city homes also means that we have to use pots and growbags to grow plants. Growing plants in pots is even more difficult as once the plant uses up all the nutrients in the pot soil, it can’t just extend its roots further to find more nutrients like it would do if it was growing in the ground. This means that we have to keep adding good quality natural fertilizer to the pot soil regularly to keep them from starving.
  • When the plant can’t find all the nutrients it needs, it also becomes too feeble to fight against pests and illnesses.
    As an urban gardener, we can’t control facing problems like harsh weather or lack of sunshine. What we can control is the quality of nutrition we give to our potted plants and how regularly we give it to them.
  • We here at Shashi N Gautam Kitchen Gardners would like to help you make sure that your plants don’t just grow but also thrive even in less-than-ideal conditions. We can do this by teaching you how to give your plants the healthiest soil for gardening and the best way to fertilize your plants in the least hassle free way possible. And In return, we are sure that your plants will repay you with an abundance of flowers, fruit, and veggies.


Grow More Fertilizer Organic Combo Pack of 4: Flower Mate + Root Mate + Seaweed Green & Neem Cake Powder

Shashi N Gautam Fertilizer Organic Combo Pack contains ample amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and all the essential plant micronutrients. This means that they have all the nutrients you will need to fertilize plants at every growth stage.

Shashi N Gautam Fertilizer Organic Combo Pack contains:

Flower Mate flower fertilizer (1 Kg).
Root Mate root & soil fertilizer (1 Kg).
Seaweed Green all in one seaweed extract fertilizer for flowering & fruiting.
Neem Cake Powder 2 in 1 organic fertilizer for plants and insecticide(1Kg).

Flower Mate

Flower Fertilizer

Root Mate

Root & Soil Fertilizer

Seaweed Green

Seaweed Extract Fertilizer

Neem Cake Powder

Fertilizer + Insecticide

These fertilizers are completely natural and contain natural plant growth regulators (PGR) that promote blossoming and the conversion of flowers into fruits.
These Natural Fertilizers add helpful bacteria like Mycorrhiza and soil conditioners to soil. This enhances the soil’s overall health. These helpful bacteria and other beneficial organic compounds also help in preventing various soil-borne illnesses and flying insect and pest attacks.
We have curated this Grow More fertilizer organic kit to provide you with a hassle free one stop solution to both improve the health of your soil and to provide your plants with the complete nutrition they deserve. We want to help you find the best way to fertilize plants so that you also can get a plentiful harvest from your home garden.

To maintain their freshness and potency for extended periods of time, we package all of our organic fertilizer for plants in resealable zip lock pouches.

As per Ann Marie Hendry article “How to Fertilize Container Vegetables” plants need a helping hand from you, the gardener. A monthly seaweed feed helps keep most container vegetables in good health. Fruiting vegetables will need a tomato feed weekly (alternating with the seaweed feed once a month). Fertilise throughout the growing season from spring until late summer.”

When it comes to the health of your plants, don’t settle for less.

Order the Shashi N Gautam GROW MORE FERTILIZER ORGANIC KIT Today at a limited time trial offer price to give your plants the best fertilizer natural possible, so that they can‌ give their absolute best to you.‌

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  1. I have used mixture of all 4 during sould preparation. Also in 1 month along with compost.. providing great results

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4 Fertilizer Organic Combo To Make Your Gardening Better Get Bumper Harvest

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