Flower Mate Fertilizer For Flowering Plants

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  • Flower Mate is a handcrafted plant nutrient blend to meet your plant’s nutrient needs and bring out their full potential. Complete nutrition from BLOOM TO ROOT For All Flowers.
  • Flower mate Saves Money: One fertilizer that takes care of all your flowering plants’ needs.
  • Saves time: Flower mate is a ready to use, no fuss fertilizer that only needs to be added to your plants every 15 – 30 days.
  • Contains natural substances that promote new growth and bud formation.
  • Enhance the size and colour of flowers.
  • Keeps nursery bought plants in the pink of health and keep blooming abundantly throughout their lifecycle.
  • Keeps roots and soil healthy by adding beneficial microbes into the soil.
  • Beneficial microbes populate the root zone, warding off the disease, causing harmful pathogens.
  • Boosts plant immunity against pests and disease.
  • Amends soil pH, which ‌increases nutrients uptake by flower plants

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Flower Mate Fertilizer For Flowering Plants
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Unique Handcrafted “Flower Mate” fertilizer for flowering plants

Flower Mate, a fertilizer for flowering plants, is a hand-crafted blend that meets your plant’s daily nutrient needs and brings out their full potential.  

All-in-one flowering fertilizer

Flower Mate is an all-in-one flower fertilizer for all flower plant types. We designed this blend for healthy, blooming flowers plants, so that with its regular use, you can ensure that your home garden is full of blooms year-round. 

Flower Mate flower fertilizer is a no fuss, ready-to-use fertilizer that only needs to be added to your plants once every 15 days. We created Flower Mate flowering fertilizer to be a simple, effective fertilizer that can be used for all flower plant types. It’s perfect for adding to both your indoor garden and to your outdoor potted plants.  

It has a high concentration of nutrients that are easily absorbed by the plant. This combination of natural ingredients and minerals includes nutrients like NPK, iron, zinc, sulphur and calcium, & will ensure that your plants have everything that they need to not just survive but to flourish. 

After using our new revolutionary product Flower mate just 3-4 times, you’ll notice a huge difference in your plant’s health, size and vigor. Flower Mate gives the plants exactly what they need to grow like never before!  

Flower Mates’ unique and powerful nutrient blend enhances the size and colour of flowers. When used in regular intervals, It will also lengthen the life span of your flowering plants by ensuring that there are no gaps in nutrient availability, which can be a huge concern when we grow plants in pots.  

Our Flower mate flower fertilizer for plants also helps the roots and the soil thrive by adding beneficial microbes into the soil. Beneficial microbes populate the root zone, warding off the disease and harmful pathogens. It boosts plants’ resistance against common problems, pests and disease and helps prevent root rot.  

Flower Mate flower fertilizer for blooming is also the best way to ensure that the plants that you have bought from a nursery stay healthy and in bloom all season long, instead of just wilting up and dying a week later from bringing them home from the nursery. Simply add a few spoons of Flower Mate to your flower plant pot and it will provide the minerals and nutrients they need to stay vibrant and healthy for a longer time. 

We don’t call Flower Mate an All-In-One Fertilizer for nothing. It doesn’t just feed your plants, it also conditions your soil & keeps pH balanced, encouraging fast growth and better-quality blooms.  

Though Flower Mate is made to work for all flower plants, it has shown great results as a fertilizer for rose plant. Our customers feedback tells us that they got a greater number of flowers and enhanced size and colour of rose flower. Excellent results are also seen in Marigold, Jasmine, Adenium, Bougainvillea, Orchid, Ixora, East India Rosebay, Hibiscus, Dahlia, Chrysanthemum flower plants.  

Flower Mate flower fertilizers for blooming is the easiest and most effective way to care for all your flower plants. Your plants will love Flower Mate. It’ll make your home garden look vibrant and beautiful!

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