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Best gardening videos for beginners from Shashi N Gautam Kitchen Gardeners.

Learn the basics of growing plants in your home garden.
Learn how to grow flowers, fruits and vegetables in pots.
Learn how to fertilize your plants.
Learn how to save your plants from disease and pests in an organic way
Learn how to get more flowers, fruits and vegetables even in less than ideal growing conditions.

Easy to follow gardening videos.

मिर्ची / चिली उगाए कैसे – ये 2 गलती कभी न करे

मिर्ची उगाए कैसे – ये 2 गलती कभी न करे क्या आप जानते हैं? अगर[...]

बिगिनर गाइड: अमरूद गमले में कैसे उगाये?

बिगिनर गाइड: अमरूद गमले में कैसे उगाये? अगर आप अपने ही गार्डन से फलदार प्लांट[...]

5 Organic Ways You Can Get Rid Of leaf Miners

As the winter ends and the rising temperatures signal the start of spring, we all[...]


Can a Papaya Plant Grow in a Pot & produce Fruit? Video (Hindi)

In this video, I am sharing my experience of growing a Papaya Plant on my[...]

5 Amazing Tips For Growing Strawberries at home -Video (Hindi)

In, this video you will watch 5 Amazing tips which will help you in growing[...]

Secret of Growing Bigger Strawberries -Video (Hindi)

Can you guess Secret of Growing Bigger Strawberries? Good variety? Ideal weather? Nutrition? Disease management?[...]