Can a Papaya Plant Grow in a Pot & produce Fruit? Video (Hindi)

Can a Papaya Plant Grow in a Pot & produce Fruit? Video (Hindi)

Papaya is a fruit that is full of nutrition and medicinal properties. Everyone can safely consume it and enjoy its plentiful benefits. Even people with diabetes can safely eat Papaya, even doctors recommend it.

In this video, I am sharing our experience of growing a Papaya Plant on my narrow balcony under challenging circumstances.
The main challenging factors we encountered while growing papaya in a Gamala were
Only 2 to 3 hours of sunlight was available for the plant.
and how small the 40 liter Plastic drum that we used as Gamla was.

In this video, we have covered the following topics to help you successfully grow a Papaya plant in a pot in your Kitchen Garden.Best Papaya variety to grow in pots.

  • Best Soil-mix for Papaya Plant.
  • Best Weather to grow Papaya plant.
  • Best Fertilizer for Papaya plant.
  • Disease in Papaya plant and their remedies.
  • Leaf curl disease in Papaya plant.
  • Nutrients deficiency in the Papaya plant.
  • Boron deficiency in Papaya plant.

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