Secret of Growing Bigger Strawberries -Video (Hindi)

Secret of Growing Bigger Strawberries

This video is about the secret of growing big juicy strawberries at home.

Can you guess what the secret is?
Good variety?
Ideal weather?
Disease management?
Full day’s sunlight?

While these are essential factors, they’re not the secret I am about to tell you.
The secret of growing Bigger, Plumper & redder Strawberries at home is multi pollination and cross-pollination.

This means pollinating each flower multiple times and cross pollinating different flowers with each other.

Strawberry flowers are hermaphrodite in nature. This means that every strawberry flower has both the male and female parts required for successful pollination.

So, even if your plant only has one flower and it is successfully pollinated, then it will convert into a fruit.

How Bees pollinate / cross pollinate strawberry flowers? Honeybees do this best.

Honeybees do this best. They go from one flower to another to collect pollen and nectar and while doing this, they carry pollen to each of them, facilitating cross-pollination again and again.

How to pollinate strawberry flowers in the absence of Bees?

You can pollinate strawberry flowers in the following ways if the Bees are not there to do it. Wind can also act as a pollinator. For this, you will have to keep your strawberry plant in the most ventilated area of your garden. The flower needs the movement caused by wind to transfer pollen to its centre for pollination to take place. But wind is not the best agent to facilitate cross-pollination. So, if there are no honey bees, you will have to cross pollinate each flower manually. You can use a soft bristled painting/makeup brush to this. To transfer the pollen, you will have to gently move the brush from the outer area of each petal towards the centre of the flower. Do this for all flowers one by one. By repeating this process every few days, you can ensure that pollination successfully occurs multiple times. More and more flowers will convert to fruits. Doing this also reduces the chances of your strawberry being misshapen and ensures that they are bigger, juicier and redder as well.

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