Sweet Pea Seeds Wrinkled 

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Desi (OP) Pea Seeds
Pack of 60 Seeds
Wrinkled Pea Seeds
Yields Sweet Peas with High Protein
For Human Consumption


Sweet Pea Seeds Wrinkled 

Peas are cold weather plants grown using Pea Seeds. You can grow them in both soil beds and pots. Though Peas are usually sold by vegetable vendors or found in the vegetable section of most department stores, they belong to the family of lentils, just like chickpeas, beans and peanuts.

Wrinkled Pea Seeds from Shashi N Gautam Web Shop

  • We sell Desi / Open Pollinated Wrinkled Pea Seeds
  • Wrinkled pea seeds produce sweet tasting peas that are loaded with protein and other nutrients. Wrinkled pea seeds are the ones used for producing peas for human consumption while round pea seeds are used for growing animal feed.
  • High yielding variety.
  • This variety produces 11 to 12 peas per pod under optimal growing conditions.

All You Need to Know for Growing peas at Home:

Ideal conditions required for growing peas from seeds at home:

  • Only sow pea seeds when you have at least 3 to 4 months of cold weather still ahead of you.
  • Ideal pea seed germination temperature is 23°C, but peas will germinate within the range of 5°C to 29°C if the other conditions are ideal.
  • Ideal growing temperature for peas ranges from 10°C to 21°C.
  • They require a minimum of 4 to 6 hours or more of sunlight to grow properly and give a good yield.
  • Pea starts producing sea pods within 8 to 12 weeks and keeps on producing until the temperature remains below 30°C.

How to plant pea seeds?

  • Sow seeds directly in pots or in the soil beds.
  • Soak the seeds for 12 hours before sowing.
  • In soil beds, sow seeds in parallel rows, at a depth of about 2 cm.
  • Add 2 seeds per hole and remove the weaker one after germination,
  • Keep a distance of about 10 cm in between seeds and the row distance between 30 to 45 cm.
  • In pots, you can plant up to two plants in a 12-inch pot, keeping the a distance of about 10 cm between the two.
  • Choose a pot / Grow Bag with a minimum height of 10 inches.
  • Insert a vertical stick in the pot to support the pea plant, as it has a weak stem.

Ideal soil-mix for growing pea seeds and its fertilization

  • Use soil that is lightweight and has good water retention capabilities.
  • Add 20% of mature compost / vermicompost in the soil mix.
  • If required, 10% cocopeat can be added to improve the soil’s water retention.
  • Pea plants can make their own nitrogen, so just fertilize with a phosphorus, potassium & micronutrients rich fertilizer at the time of flowering.
  • Don’t add any extra compost as it will lead to a stage where the plant will start producing more leaves and fewer peas.

Pea plant disease and pests:

Pea plant suffers from a fungal disease where

  • White powdery patches form on leaves and pea pods.
  • Leaves develop grey spots.
  • Leaves curl downwards and turn yellow.

Pea plants are also get attacked by

  • Aphids (These suck sap from young leaves and buds and spread various viral diseases).
  • Pea Thrips (These eat up flowers, pods and the stemand affect plant yields).

There are various chemical pesticide controls available for pea plant pests and diseases, but in our home garden they are big no no.
Instead, we use organic insecticides like Neem Oil Spray and Neem Cake Powder. And we would recommend the same to you, as well.

Who should grow peas at home?


If you have the space, you can grow up to 15 plants per family member and have a steady supply of peas throughout the season.

And even if you don’t have that much space, you can still have a few pea plants in your garden. Even if you don’t get to harvest a lot of peas, watching these seeds grow into a thriving plant lush with flowers and pea pods will be a pleasurable experience in itself.

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Peas Seeds Price

Wrinkled Desi (OP) Pea Seeds 60 No. @ Rs29/-

Buy Desi / Open Pollinated Wrinkled Pea Seeds Online at Low Price from Shashi N Gautam Web Shop

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Sweet peas grown from wrinkle Sweet Pea Seed Shashi N Gautam Web Shop
Sweet Pea Seeds Wrinkled 

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