Soil Health Plant Food 400 Grams

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Increases the friendly Microbes in the soil
Improves Soil Health
Converts Fertilizer into Plant Food



Do you know that us humans have millions and trillions of friendly bacteria in our digestive system?
Friendly Bacteria, that help us in digesting and then converting the food we eat into nutrients that can be easily absorbed by our body? That they even help us fight against various diseases?

Similarly, SnG Soil Bio NPK helps in increasing population of friendly bacteria in the soil, which then helps convert all the organic fertilizers we give to the plants into plant food that can be easily absorbed by the plants, and even helps in increasing the plant’s capacity to fight against various diseases.

How SnG Soil Bio NPK works?

SnG Soil Bio NPK breaks complex fertilizers down into simple Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and various other micro-nutrients.

These nutrients in their simple form get easily absorbed by the plant, improving their overall health and increasing their flowering and fruiting capacity. Thus, ensuring a higher yield.

SnG Soil Bio NPK helps loosen the soil, making it light in weight and porous, which allows oxygen to easily reach the roots.

SnG Soil Bio NPK also increases the water holding capacity of the soil.

Porous Soil allows roots to spread and have a healthy growth.

SnG Soil Bio NPK increases the disease fighting capacity of the plant.

All of this has an overall positive effect on the plant, increasing its flowering and fruiting ability.

How to Use SnG Soil Bio NPK ?

For a new plant, add 5 to 10 grams of SnG Soil Bio NPK in the top soil layer of the pot/soil bed before transplanting the plant.

For existing plants, you can mix 10 grams of SnG Soil Bio NPK in the top soil of the pot/soil bed in the evening and then water the pot. The Microbes in Bio-NPK will seep into the soil over-night.

Spread a layer (1 to 2 inches thick) of organic matter like dried leaves, etc. or matured compost on top, to get even better results from our SnG Soil Bio NPK .

Why buy SnG Soil Bio NPK ?

SnG Soil Health Plant Food helps in increasing the number of friendly microbes present in the soil even when just a small quantity of it is added to it.

We guarantee that if you order from us, we will always provide you fresh, unexpired SnG Soil Bio NPK,  which will ensure that you are only getting healthy live bacterium.

SnG Soil Health Plant Food for Flower, Fruit & Vegetable Plants by Shashi n Gautam Kitchen Gardeners.

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Soil Health Plant Food 400 Grams Soil Health Plant Food 400 Grams
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Soil Health Plant Food 400 Grams

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