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  • Shashi N Gautam Seaweed Green Fertilizer For plants is a premium blend Of Seaweed Extract Granules – No.1 Organic Micronutrients Fertilizer for indoor, outdoor, fruit, flower & vegetable plants.
  • Seaweed Green fertilizer saves you money. It is suitable for all types of plants. There is no need for buying different fertilizers for Flower, fruit, vegetable and ornamental plants.
  • Seaweed Green granules for plants saves you time. No preparation is required. It is a clean, safe and ready-to-use fertilizer for your kitchen garden.
  • Seaweed Green fertilizer maximizes the production of flowers, fruits & vegetables per plant. Tried & tested In our own terrace kitchen garden. Trusted by 1000+ customers.
  • Seaweed Green granules lowers the rate of flower drop and increases flower to fruit conversion. You get fruits and vegetables that are much bigger and taste better.
  • Seaweed Green Fertilizer improves soil health by helping to increase its beneficial microorganisms population. Its regular use loosens up the soil, leading to healthy root growth.
  • Plants that feed on Seaweed Green Extract Granules show better resistance to disease and pests. They tend to thrive even in less than ideal growing conditions.
Seaweed Fertilizer for Plants from Shashi N Gautam
Seaweed Fertilizer